Deltanet’s goal is to provide the most professional service level to our clients

If you are used to:

  • Technicians arriving late
  • Jobs only half complete
  • Waiting for days before a tech can visit
  • Techs talking a language you don’t understand
  • Being told it is someone else’s responsibility to rectify issues

Then contact Deltanet for a fresh change, as we understand that you just want issues fixed, quickly, and with respect from a partner you TRUST. 

TRUST us with your confidential information.

TRUST us to fix your problems.

TRUST us to provide satisfaction and value.

We have been in business for 24 years because our clients TRUST us.

Network and Internet Connectivity

We can install a high speed ADSL, nbn and wireless connections, routers, switches and firewalls, ensuring your Internet experience is fast, safe and secure. If you are currently spending big on a private IP network, we can save you 75% of the cost by moving to a VPN network using a combination of lower cost connections, whilst increasing performance. We partner with a number of ISP’s including Exetel (, Telstra and TPP to find the best solution for your location.

Business and Email Servers

Call Deltanet to install Windows Servers and Microsoft Exchange for managing your information and email. We can offer an externally hosted solution or an on premises system if you want ultimate control.

Office 365

Many small businesses can benefit from Office 365, using the latest Office applications and business grade email servers for a low monthly fee. Let us help you with the business case justification, project management and migration this platform.

Virus and Spam Management

Deltanet offers commercial grade Antivirus software solutions and Spam filtering software. XWALL is our preferred solution to control SPAM and mail filtering. We recommend Sophos for a server centric business solution.

Software and Custom Hardware

Deltanet provides competitive sale prices on software and custom or pre-built hardware platforms. We can supply most brands of hardware via our extensive wholesale relationships, and prefer to offer Hewlett Packard servers, desktops and laptops. Our experience has shown their quality to be the most reliable.

On Site Service

We have technicians providing friendly and professional support at your premises. Most of our work can also be performed remotely saving you money.

VoIP Phone Solutions

With the roll-out of the nbn, copper phone lines are being cut off. With a good internet connection you can replace your phone system with a hi-tech VoIP system, providing superior features and on-going cost savings.

Don’t entrust your new phone system to a traditional telephone supplier. VoIP telephony is now an IT issue, use qualified IT technicians to ensure your new phone system works optimally on your network.

We have reduced our client’s telephony spend to a 10th of what it was with Telstra, included unlimited calls to anywhere in Australia and a number of overseas countries, including UK, NZ, USA, France, China, Singapore, Germany, Canada, HK & Japan.

We have partnered with a leading National VoIP provider and 3CX phone systems to provide an end to end solution.

Essential Server Monitoring Service

We have an online, real-time system that monitors your servers 24/7 looking for problems before they affect your business.

Security Auditing

Are you worried about the Cyber Security threat to your business ?
We can provide a Security Assessment to identify points of concern, breach identification, remedial actions and recommendations for systems hardening.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the process of searching for, preserving, and analysing information on computers to find potential evidence that can be used in court. Deltanet offers the following services:

  • File recovery
  • Hard drive corruption analysis
  • Hard drive backups
  • Computer analysis / repairs
  • Hard disk secure erasing
  • Computer disposal

Our computer forensic team will also be able to secure the equipment to ensure that they cannot be accessed by unauthorised people.

Domain Names and Internet stuff

Have you tried to DIY domain names and become totally confused with DNS hosting, A records, CNAMES, domain hosting, website redirection, email hosting, IMAP, SSL certificates, etc

Leave all this teco stuff to us, we understand it, it is what we do!

Email Protective Marking Standard for the Australian Government

Do you interact with the Australian Government and need to format your email to comply with Email Protective Marking ? We can solve your requirement with a unique solution.

  • On-premise mail relay
  • Email Header modification
  • Adds X-Protective-Marking: to the header
  • EPMS Version 2012.3
  • Additional features, including virus checking, SMTP logging, history recording, Word macro and Phishing detection, Greylisting, whitelists / blacklists and much more.

Please contact us, for further information.

Deltanet also offers …

Hardware and software sales, installation, service, administration, and training. HP computers, Microsoft Small Business Server replacements, Exchange Servers, laptop & notebook repairs, networking, WAN, VPN, LAN, virus removal,  modems, routers, Server monitoring and analysis in Perth and Osborne Park.